Elk Hunts

Colorado Elk Outfitter, LLC is proud to provide Colorado elk hunts for all levels of physical fitness. Specializing in the elderly and or less fit hunters who for various reasons cannot handle the rigorous physical stress of hunting at high altitudes. The private land ranch hunts are from stands and blinds that provide excellent concealment and protection from the elements. We also provide still hunting, and spot and stalk adventures. Be ready to bring your “A” game!!

Please read the rules and regulations of your desired hunt for the applicable year. These are provided by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Archery and Muzzleloader

This time of year the rut is in full swing, fall is in the air, leaves on the groves of aspen and willows are incredibly breath taking. To hear the first shrill elk bugle on a crisp fall morning is a memory no one ever forgets. Then to have a close encounter, life doesn’t get any better… until you make that perfect shot.

Archery season routinely runs 4 weeks long. Any where from the end of August through the month of September. Muzzleloader usually falls within the 3rd week of Archery season and runs for 9 days. We offer 5 day guided hunts for 4 to 6 hunters.

  • The license for Archery is “over the counter”, at this time no preference points are required.
  • Muzzleloader license usually requires preference points, please refer to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


Elk herds numbering 10 to 200 head will congregate on the ranch to escape the hunting pressure from the National Forest. Good grazing on the meadows and two creeks help to attract and keep game on the ranch, with the dark timber providing “sanctuary” for daytime bedding and rutting.

Elk Rifle season usually starts in October and consist of 4 seasons. The first season is the premier Elk season, the elk are still in the rut and on the move from the high country. We offer 5 day guided hunts for 4 to 6 hunters.

  • First season rifle requires an application to be submitted. At this time they do not require preference point and are drawn by a lottery system. If a license is not drawn for first choice Rifle there may be other options we can help you with.
  • Second rifle Elk season licenses can be purchased “over the counter” and do not require any preference points at this time.
  • Third rifle Elk season licenses can be purchased “over the counter” and do not require any preference points at this time.
  • Leftover licenses may be available.
  • Please note: The requirement for licenses change from year to year, we are happy to assist you in the application process.

Lodging and Meals

The original ranch house has been converted to a hunting lodge. Having a hot shower is a must after a long day afield. Some appetizers and a drink talking about the days events before a hearty home cooked meal and then off to a comfortable warm bed to call it a day. A cook is provided for guided hunts. Breakfast and dinner is served in the dining area. Lunches are packed daily and sent with the hunters. You will probably eat better here than at home.

In the event that you have someone that would like to come to the beautiful Colorado high country but does not wish to hunt, we would love to have them. Steamboat Springs is only an hour away, with shopping and winter festivities. Or they can hang out at the lodge and relax with out the pressures of work or home.

Non hunting guests $200/day



Absolutely no hunting is allowed in the Sanctuary. This allows the herd an area to escape to and continue breeding and growing.